We help IT services companies
Increase net margins

We help you become more profitable. We do this by enabling you to continuously monitor and maintain all your project net margins. We help you optimise the project pyramids. We help you prioritise the right talent requirements to minimize your revenue losses.

Factors impacting profitability are
understood by a few

We understand your challenges. Revenue leakages, sub-optimal pyramids, under-utilisation of resources and talent crunch pull you down from operating at your full profit potential.

What you can see you can move

  • What if you are guided by a pyramid to put together your optimal project team?
  • What if your sales team can see impact on margins while proposing team structure and billing rates to your client?
  • What if your talent acquisition team can see clear priorities against revenue losses?
  • What if you have real time visibility into all the factors impacting profitability?