Increase your net margin

with Instazen Business Operating Platform

While you take care of your clients,

We take care of your net margins

Globally, IT services companies are striving hard to achieve optimum net margins. But factors impacting profitability are understood by a few in any organisation.

Instazen is designed with the single objective of helping you maximize your profit margins.

Profit margins are fragile,

Handle them with care!

Unplanned leaves causing revenue leakage?
Delivery Team struggling to put together an optimal project team?
Incomplete time sheets leading to lower billable hours?
RMG not getting a clear view of the sales pipeline to understand demand and manage supply?
TA team always under pressure due to a lack of resource requirement forecasting?
Leaders spending too much time firefighting vis-a-vis developing strategic initiatives?

Even a single decision made by a stakeholder

without full awareness can blow away profit margins of the project!

Stop relying on lag indicators,

We give you lead indicators

Instazen business operating platform tells every single stakeholder how their every single action is going to affect the project margins even before they take it!

Say goodbye to manually built reports, lengthy email correspondences and exasperating monthly reviews. Rely on powerful simulations, a proven knowledge framework and advanced visibility tools to safeguard your profit margins!

A scorecard has no value after the game is lost. It is immensely valuable to players on ground when they are playing. Instazen helps you to foresee the consequences of every move you are planning to make - with Instazen on your side, your chances of winning increase!

Know more about lead indicators...

Why Instazen?

Ready when you are!

Quick deployment. Not in months or weeks or days, but in hours! Get it and watch your profits grow!

It’s straightforward

So straight that there’s not even the learning curve


Net margins are everyone’s business. Instazen ensures that different teams collaborate so that the project stays at optimum profit levels.

Essentially rich

Tired of modules and features that you hardly use? Instazen is rich with truly essential features to provide you zero latency and zero distractions.

At a glance

Sales & Opportunity Planning

Sales Pipeline

Weighted Projection

Realtime Analysis

Resource Requirement and talent aquisition forecasting

Draft Project Simulation

Reduce bench cost

Accurate requirement forecasting

Accurate forecasting of project profitability

On-time project onboarding

Opportunity Closure

Speed up hiring approvals

In time & in budget hiring

Accurately predict net margins

Finetune project pyramid

Forecast all leakages and plan accordingly

Project Execution

Salary simulation

Variable cost management

Timesheet management

Realtime profitability monitoring

Map actions against project profitability.