Four ways in which small and medium IT service organizations can transform their project delivery with Instazen

Four ways in which small and medium IT service organizations can transform their project delivery with Instazen

Project delivery is the heart of any IT services company. It is like the engine of a car - that’s what drives the car and that’s what consumes most of the available fuel. In IT service organisations, project delivery is what generates the revenue and at the same time, it is also the biggest consumer of resources. What this means is, like engine refinement is crucial for generating more power with lesser fuel, optimising delivery is the key to boost the performance and minimise the costs; in other words, to maximise the profitability. The core module of Instazen is its Delivery Module. Here are five ways in which Instazen can transform the project delivery of any IT services company. 

1.Be Ready on Day One:

Delivery leaders face their biggest challenge right at the beginning of the project - putting together a team and getting started as soon as the project goes live. Most of the times, when a lead get converted into a project, the delivery leaders are not ready with the team to deliver that project. Many times, the ideal team requires hiring and the HR team is intimated about the same after the project goes live. Not being ready on day 1 leads to revenue leakages and revenue losses which can be avoided with Instazen. 

Using Instazen’s Draft Project module, project leaders can create draft projects. They can map in detail what working roles and what is the required headcount for respective roles to deliver the project. Using Instazen, they can also see the utilisation of existing resources and allocate from available resources to the project. The draft project can be converted into a live project on a single click. All of this ensures that you have a well equipped team ready right on the day one of the project!

right team structure for IT projects

2. Build optimum team structure for profitability:

How will you ensure that you do not have more senior and costly resources on a project than required? Or how to ensure that you have enough entry level developers to deliver the project in time? Many times, teams are structured based on intuition and speculation. Such teams might not be necessarily ideal. 

Instazen removes speculation from this process by providing pre-defined pyramid templates. When teams are built using these templates, they are more efficient and profitable. Instazen also shows if there is any deviation from ideal pyramid structure and areas where correction is required. 

Pyramid for IT project teams

3. Plug revenue leakages:

Revenue leakages badly affect the profitability of any project. Unfortunately, most of the IT services organisations suffer due to revenue leakages and yet, do nothing about it. Many times, this inaction is a result of lack of data. 

  • How much are my projects bleeding in form of revenue leakages? 

  • What are the causes?  

  • Can I do something at all to plug them? 

Lack of data and clarity results into the inaction and thus, the acceptance of revenue leakages. Instazen platform not only shows revenue leakages on monthly basis, is also allows you to drill down into its causes like unfilled timesheets or leaves. 


Seeing project net margins helps to improve them

4. Timely and appropriate billing: Has it ever happened that you realise only after months later that your billing has been much lower than expected? This happens due to multiple reasons like incomplete or rejected timesheets, un-captured expenses, lack of all the data required to raise an invoice etc. When you use Instazen to run your business on, all of this data is captured realtime and is available always. The data can be quickly extracted and fed in to the billing system so that you can raise correct invoice right on the last day of the month. This not only ensures a healthy cash flow but will give delivery leads a clear picture of actual resource utilisation, gaps that need attention etc. 

As we mentioned right at the beginning of this article, project delivery is the heart of any service organisation. Instazen allows you to fine-tune to an extent no other software or platform can. Please reach out to us at to schedule demo or know more!