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Being a CEO is a tough job!

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For the CEO of the organization, right visibility is important. Spotting issues and showstoppers before they start making a dent and enabling various teams to get rid of them is what a CEO constantly does. Instazen’s CEO dashboard helps CEOs channelise their energy towards issues that matter the most.  

Net Margins
Using this card, CEOs can view their net margins in real-time. They can drill down into project wise, BU wise or region wise net margins and find out factors that are bringing the net margins down.  

Revenue Leakage
A CEO should be aware of the leakages happening due to multiple reasons. This card displays the revenue leakage within the organisation and allows the CEOs to drill down into factors leading to revenue leakages.

Open Positions
Talent is the raw material for any IT service organisation and recruitment delays can derail projects and revenue. Using Instazen, CEOs can see and drill down into the open positions and associated revenue loss.  

Revenue Loss
Having work in hand but no resources to deliver it is a sorry situation to be in. The CEO dashboard makes visible revenue loss to the CEOs and allows them to drill down into it to find out the open positions that are causing revenue loss.

Resource Allocation
Hired resourced is a cost for any organisation. CEOs should always have visibility into how many of the hired resources are on bench, allocated and billable. The CEO dashboard allows to see and drill down into the resource allocation.  

Project Pyramid
Pyramids can bring to attention the deviation from ideal project team structures. These deviations can lead to multiple problems- from high project costs to inefficient teams. The CEO dashboard makes project pyramids visible to the CEO all the time.

Target and Orderbook
Prospect discovery to conversion is a long cycle. If the CEOs lose their visibility of targets and orderbook, they can land in serious cashflow issues. With Instazen, CEOs get a real-time visibility into targets and the orderbook.  

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"Instazen has allowed me to completely step out of the day to day firefighting. Now I can focus fully on the growth and future sustenance of my organisation."

Rahul Chaudhari

CEO of a leading

IT Services company